The Studios

Polyfoto studios were located in all of the major towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales. Although most studios were situated within department stores and other smaller shops, there were a number of premises that were self occupied by Polyfoto.

The studios were usually operated by a photographer/manager and an assistant and occasionally supported by a receptionist in very busy locations.

The customer was seated on a swivel chair and instructed to look in various directions and briefly hold a pose as the photo was taken. The process was repeated until all 48 exposures had been taken.
At the close of business each day, the exposed glass negative plates were packed into special carriers and taken to the railway station and sent for developing at the factory.

These were returned as the Polyfoto 48 prints to the studio for collection by the customer within a few days. At this point, the staff, having already had a preview peek for the best shots beforehand would encourage the customer to view the pictures and hopefully, order multiple enlargements.