Polyfoto MD

DEMETRE DAPONTE, Polyfoto Managing Director

Demetre Daponte is believed to have been born in Romania in about 1896. He went to Polyfoto MD, Demetre DaponteAntwerp University and later on to the Sorbonne in Paris where he was researching and in charge of stereoscopic vision and colour photography. He also lectured and gave demonstrations on stereoscopy and patented and financed many mechanical and chemical developments and applications.
He especially carried out research into how the eyes viewed stereoscopic images and how they were affected by various means of projection and pulsation.

He patented several photographic and prism developments both in the UK and the USA before World War 2 and even patented a mechanical system for moving car headlights to see around bends! Yet another patent was registered for a lamination process.

He was a managing director of several companies including:

Dufay Ltd, a film processing company

Spicer-Dufay Ltd

Dufaylite Ltd

Dufaycolor Ltd

Coronet Ltd

Polyfoto Ltd, the UK photographic portrait studios

He lived at Fairlie Place, Surrenden Road, Withdean, Brighton for many years and had offices in London and elsewhere.